JaMarlin Martin represents the underserved Black online consumer

JaMarlin Martin represents the underserved Black online consumer

It all started with a vision to develop a successful business focused on the underserved Black online consumers and their interests. In that process rose a pioneer and thought leader in digital media that has inspired Black and minority entrepreneurs to become moguls and develop successful digital platforms.

Since 2006, JaMarlin Martin, founder of Moguldom Media Group- a multiple-brand digital media and entertainment platform, has been dutifully serving the online information needs of Black America to much critical acclaim and recognition as a leader in the ever-changing digital media landscape. It all started in 2006, when Martin leveraged his expertise as a currency trader and passion for blogging and journalism to create “Bossip,” an online magazine intently focused on the Black online consumer and their interests, covering Black excellence in music, sports, current events and Sen. Barack Obama’s first presidential bid. More niche and audience targeted magazines such as “Madame Noire” and “Hip Hop Wired” soon spun off from Bossip’s success. By 2016, Martin’s digital empire grew to a successful business with $20 million in annual revenue and 75 full-time employees, including some in Africa, according to the Sun Sentinel. Martin expects his Moguldom Media Group, based in South Florida, to reach $100 million in annual revenue and 400 employees in five years, the newspaper reported at the time.

Martin’s rise to the top of the digital landscape seemingly aligned with the development of social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, and content creating staples such as vlogging and podcasting. However, the bedrock of Martin’s success in the competitive digital landscape is his keen ability to collect and analyze data about online activity, consumer trends and advertising geared toward the Black community, and adjusting quickly to capitalize on these trends.

“When you are building a business in a rapidly changing industry you are going to have to be ahead of the game,” Martin said as he spoke about his journey during a Black Owned Media Alliance symposium last June.

In the fast-changing world of digital online content, foresight and sound content are part of the foundation of every successful brand and/or digital platform, Martin alluded to during the symposium, and used the success of Bossip as an example.

“You are going to have to tap into the people who are going to be the leaders a year from now. Two years from now. Three years from now. Five years from now. The differentiation of Bossip is not just talking about what Jay-Z was doing. What Beyoncé was doing, but we had a political angle to the information. Because we covered politics, we used the term “Bolitics” and so that was one of the things that helped grow the business.” Martin is highly respected in the digital media industry.

In 2015, he was recognized as Ernst Young’s Florida Entrepreneur of the Year. Moguldom’s sites collectively attract more than 16 million unique visitors each month, which is more traffic than BET, Interactive One, Vibe, and Essence combined, according to Ernst Young.

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